Karno Tooka has access to so many raw material manufacturers around the globe , especially in Asia and Europe .

We provide Fibers , Yarns , Dye Stuff , Machines spare part and etc. 


30 years of experience in exporting Rugs and Carpets to Europe , North America , Asia and Middle east .

We offer Wool Rugs , Silk Rugs , Polyester Carpets , Acrylic Carpets and more .


Most affordable and fastest way to transport your goods from/to any destination .

Air , Land , Sea transport .

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We can offer you the best option of raw materials from several countries. You can choose from several products.

We can also import your own selected product and deliver it to the door of your warehouse  .

We can introduce you to several markets . We find customer for you.

If you desire we can also export for you by ourselves .

More than  30 years of experience in exporting textile goods , together with almost 16 years of importing raw material to the country .